September 26, 2008, 3:26 pm
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I am sorry, but yesterday’s Oregon St win over USC just proves how much wool is pulled over college football sports analysts these days.  Before last night, and even before the USC/Ohio St game, they RAVED about how good these teams were.  I may be a little biased about SEC football, but I don’t think it is undeserved.  Georgia, #3, Florida #4, LSU #5, Alabama #8.

But I digress.  Anyway, look where Ohio St is and where USC will probably be.  If USC is still top 10 or even top 15, I am going to say the wool is still there.  Even when Georgia was ranked #1 from the beginning, they still rooted for USC.  Now look at their favored child.  That good huh.  Whacking Virginia that first week.  Bets are on now that Duke might also give Virginia the same whacking.

And yet it looks like they never learn.  Give the southern dawgs a bone.


Seriously? Big 10, Big 12?