2007 Spring Commencement
May 13, 2007, 11:53 pm
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Commencement was yesterday, but I got all my grades in today, so I am officially graduated from the University of Georgia. The weather was probably the best anyone could ask for – overcast with possible scattered rain, so it was more bareable in a black cap and gown. And it was priceless because my friend Danny Mack broke his chair and fell in the middle of the ceremony that our whole area couldn’t stop laughing for at least 30 mins. Defining moment indeed.

As for the semester, I got most all the grades I wanted. Three A’s and an A-, 3.93 GPA for the semester and 3.41 overall – close enough to the 4.0 I set out for this semester and because I believe the +/- system to be bullsh*t, that’s a 4.0 in my opinion. I’m satisfied and now I’m forever done with UGA and Athens…for a while, anyway. I’ll be chillin’ in Marietta for 2-3 weeks before moving to Kansas City! I can’t wait to start working! Cerner, here I come!