Twilight Criterium
April 29, 2007, 12:57 pm
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We attended the annual Athens’ Twilight Criterium yesterday in downtown Athens. We started off at this girl’s apartment where you can see the races from one floor up. I dominated beer pong for 5 games before my luck ran out and we lost. Note to self, never re-rack with a house (2-2-1). I didn’t want to play anymore after that because that was when the Men’s Pro race was about to start. So it was really cool watching it from the apartment, because it was a different perspective than I’ve experienced. The past 3 criteriums, I’ve always been on the ground floor seeing them zoom right by. And while it was cool, I’ve determined that it is still cooler to be on the roads and fences to feel that rush. This year was by far the craziest year the race has had. And I’m surprised. Last year it rained before the race and it didn’t happen. This year it didn’t rain, and yet the whole race managed to crash (a.k.a. all the cyclists ran into each other and fell). Now normally, I’m not sure what happens, but something like they get back up and go again and I suppose, they don’t win. This time, they had to restart the race because so many cyclists were affected. It was really cool to see everyone stop with 16 laps to go (out of 60, I think) and then to have a rolling restart (although, I’m still not sure how they placed everyone, but I imagine it’s something similar to Nascar). Then I think with 6 laps to go they was another “mini” crash, although it didn’t stop the game. They were saying how hardcore the race was because some guy in that mini crash was bleeding from his head. In the end, it was a pretty exhilarating race. Lastly, I got some awesome fried oreo cookies. Added fatness in an oreo.


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