What I Enjoy The Most!
April 27, 2007, 9:11 pm
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Today was the second to last day of classes before finals, one of my easy days. After my two classes in the morning, my roommate James, some Ramsey people, and I went to this giant pool party around 2 at the Lodge that had something like ten kegs and tons of food. It was fun, but I decided that after a few hours, I still wanted to go play basketball. I played ball for a few hours with the usual on court 1. My team had 2 wins before we lost and then my friend Yomi picked me up for another game on court 4 where we dominated another 3 games.

I’ve finally decided that the most fun and enjoyable leisure activity I have experienced in college is playing pick-up basketball. And not only any pick-up, but mostly the type of game where I am playing on court 1, with lots of football and basketball players. Not that I didn’t have fun on court 4 today, but in general.

There are many reasons to this fun. Firstly, I suck, I’ll admit. But to play with a bunch of athletic players makes me feel like I’m improving how I play and think on the court. Secondly, football players usually never complain, and most others never do too if you’re smaller than they are. So usually, I can try to foul the crap out of them to avoid another score on the board. Of course I’ll give them the foul if it’s excessive, but that’s just a better chance of them not scoring. Thirdly, if I lose, I don’t feel so bad about it. It’s like, most of them are much more athletic than me, and some are basketball players, so shoot, they should be better than me. Lastly, they are by far the funniest bunch of people that say and do the funniest things. I can’t say I have as much fun on court 2 and 3 normally. There are also probably a few other reasons I haven’t quite pinpointed, but you probably get the idea now.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I only started playing this semester of my senior year. And then again, comes all this what if thinking. What if I had played all 4 years of college instead of experiencing other activities like racquetball and rock wall climbing? Or being active in both basketball and something else?

Either way, it’s just bittersweet memories now as my time is winding down in Athens, GA. At least I’ve learned what I enjoy over most anything and to continue enjoying this leisure activity in the future.

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